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Room Booking Platform

1-2 months
Room Booking
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The main objective is to develop a hotel website that allows users to book rooms and view rooms in detail with photographs and customization options. The process for booking a room is likewise quite simple and user-friendly.

  • A wide selection of rooms in different locations, with detailed information about each room, including photos, amenities, and pricing options
  • User-friendly search and filtering options to help users find the rooms that meet their needs and preferences, such as location, price, and availability
  • Real-time booking and payment processing, with secure payment options and confirmation emails or SMS notifications
  • Flexible booking options, such as cancellations and modifications, with clear terms and conditions
  • Customer service and support, with 24/7 live chat, email, or phone assistance in case of questions or issues
  • Loyalty and rewards programs, with discounts and bonuses available for frequent or loyal customers
  • User reviews and ratings for each room, to help users make informed decisions based on the experiences of others
  • Additional services, such as room service, housekeeping, and spa treatments, that users can add to their booking for a more customized and enjoyable stay.

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