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Online Learning Platform

With Wide Selection
of Courses

9-10 months
Paypal, Stripe
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The major goal of this project is to develop an intuitive learning platform with self-paced learning tools, interactive learning resources, and progress tracking. This website offers a wide selection of courses that users can purchase individually or add to a cart for multiple purchases.

  • Wide selection of courses from different subject areas and industries, with varying levels of difficulty and pricing options
  • User-friendly course catalog with search and filtering options to help users find the courses that meet their needs and interests
  • Detailed course descriptions and syllabi, including learning objectives, prerequisites, and assessments
  • Video lectures, assignments, and other interactive learning materials that engage and challenge users
  • Progress tracking and analytics that allow users to monitor their learning journey, including completion rates and performance feedback
  • Ability to purchase multiple courses at once by adding them to a cart, with secure payment processing and flexible pricing options
  • Option to purchase courses individually or as part of a bundle with discounts and bonuses available for loyal customers
  • Support for different learning styles and preferences, including audio, video, and text-based content
  • Personalized recommendations and learning pathways based on user interests and performance data, that help learners achieve their learning goals more efficiently and effectively.

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