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Trip Tracing Social Network Platform

2-3 months
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The central focus of this project was to build a sophisticated social network platform catering to the travel community. Users are empowered to highlight locations they've journeyed to, enriching these markers with personalized details. This includes entering the trip name, pinpointing the location on a map, providing a description of their visit, and adding captivating images that encapsulate their experience.

  • Location Marking: Users can effortlessly create markers to indicate their travel destinations.
  • Comprehensive Details: Users can furnish their markers with diverse details, such as the trip name, location, descriptions, and captivating imagery.
  • Custom-Designed Interface: The platform boasts a tailor-made interface from the ground up, encompassing the main map page, landing page, login/sign-up interfaces, and a unique site logo.
  • The platform is built on a solid foundation, utilizing Laravel for the backend infrastructure, ensuring efficiency and scalability.
  • Interactive Map: The map is a pivotal feature, enabling users to interact with it. By clicking on locations, they can effortlessly add their travel experiences. The map displays all the markers showcasing users' visited destinations.
  • Trip Clusters: These innovative clusters provide a timeline view of the journey, illustrating the sequence of visited locations based on dates.
  • The frontend is constructed using the dynamic capabilities of React.JS, enhancing user experience and responsiveness.

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