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HR Management Tool

Automate Managing Hiring Process

8-9 months
ReactJS, NestJS
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The main objective is to develop a HR management tool that allows companies to manage and hire candidates very fast and very easily. Managing and hiring candidate is quite simple and user-friendly.

  • Provide a client dashboard that displays real-time metrics and data about the hiring process, such as the number of open positions, the number of candidates in the pipeline, and the average time to fill a position
  • Calibration tools that allow hiring managers to set and adjust criteria for candidate evaluation, as well as an algorithm that automatically screens and ranks candidates based on their qualifications and fit for the role.
  • Drag Drop feature to move candidate from one pipeline to another
  • Centralized database for candidate information, allowing hiring managers to easily search and filter candidates, cover letters, and track candidate progress through the hiring process.
  • Real-time notifications to hiring managers and candidates, such as when an interview is scheduled, or when a decision is made about a candidate.

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